We Help You Take the Lead in Your Family’s Education

Through Empowering Resources, Screenside Chats, and Conferences for Parents


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We Help You Take the Lead in Your Family’s Education

Through Empowering Resources, Screenside Chats, and Conferences for Parents

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Gain the confidence to lead your child’s education
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No One Has More Impact
on Your Child's Education Than You

So why isn’t there more training for parents to support their kids?

  • It’s hard keeping your child motivated and engaged in learning

  • It’s hard knowing how to bring out your child’s potential

  • It can be difficult to give them an education that fits your values

  • It can be hard to make a change – the options are overwhelming

It shouldn’t be this hard to take the lead in your family’s education.
The Education Empowerment Hub is here to help you make it easy.

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Educational Resources, Screenside Chats, and Conferences to Empower You and Your Child


The Education Empowerment Conference

The best place to connect with our network of experts, motivators, and educational thought leaders. You’ll make new connections and discover new programs and resources to support your child.



Education Empowerment Screenside Chats

Free, expert-led screenside chats to train and support you, the parent, in guiding your child’s education. You’ll learn new mindsets and strategies to keep your child motivated, engaged, and on track.

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Online Parent Community

We’re building a community of parents who think outside the educational box on social media and at our events. We also send regular updates and insights to our email subscribers.


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What if it Were Easy to Take the Lead in Your Child’s Education?

It can be a frustrating and lonely experience to realize that your child’s current school doesn't meet your standards or conflicts with your values. If you’re feeling this, though, you are not alone.

The truth is, only 30-40% of kids find true academic success in the public school model. Yet most schools continue to educate kids as if they are all the same. On top of that, it can feel overwhelming to consider a change. Sure, there are plenty of options out there – but that just adds to the pressure on you to make the right choice!

Bottom line? The system simply isn’t designed to support and help you in making the best choices for you family.

That’s where the Education Empowerment Hub comes in. We exist to empower parents like you to find and create the best educational experiences for your kids. We believe, when it comes to education, parents need three things:

  1. Empowerment and know-how to take the lead in your child’s education.

  2. An understanding of how children and teens develop, and all the different learning styles and options.

  3. The right educational program for your child. This can be a charter school, private school, home school, public school, or some combination of the above.


The Education Empowerment Hub is focused on supporting parents on all of these fronts – through cutting-edge educational resources, screenside chats, and conferences.

We bring together a community of like-minded parents, education experts, and academic institutions all focused on giving you the best tools, information, and know-how to help your child succeed.

So, if you’re fed up with one-size-fits-all schooling and ready to make a change, join the Education Empowerment Hub today and gain the confidence and support you deserve to make it easy.


Here’s what parents have to say about the Education Empowerment Hub:

"The team at Education Empowerment Hub has been very inspiring for my family. They help me breathe easier and feel confident that my kids are going to be just fine!"

- Shirley J.

“Education Empowerment Hub offers parent resources you can’t get anywhere else, all in one place. I can’t recommend EEH more.”

- Laura H.


Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best for Your Kids

Take the Lead in Your Family’s Education and Help Your Kids Shine

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