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6 min read

Reprogramming Your Brain for Better Communication with Your Teens

This guest post was written by Lindsay Law, a life coach for parents and youth. You can download a free guide from Lindsay and learn more about her work by clicking the link at the bottom. Please enjoy! You may have entered your parenting journey...

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4 min read

6 Ways To Establish An Intentional Family Culture

Every family has a culture, whether they realize it or not. Your family culture is your family's traditions, habits, practices, and values. It...

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Mom and son focusing on education and working together to improve educational experience

5 min read

Create Your Family’s Ideal Educational Experience: The Ultimate Guide

As a parent, you want to find the educational experience that perfectly fits your child. You want to feel empowered and excited about your academic...

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Mother and motivated daughters enjoying online learning together

3 min read

How to take the lead in your family’s educational experience [Free Webinar Recording]

With a new semester already in swing, motivating your teen might be at the top of your mind. Last week, we covered common misconceptions of...

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Confident teen boy motivated to revamp educational experience with tools to succeed

4 min read

The Science of Motivation: How to motivate your teen in three simple steps

As parents, nothing makes us more proud than seeing our children reach new heights. But let’s be honest—the struggle to motivate them is real!

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